Kawaii Ninja


For the past few weeks, I am off from YouTube. My YouTube channel is getting mirrored on Odysee. But I still follow my favorite content creators using Invidious, Odysee, and youtube-dl.

As most of you would know, what happened with the repository of youtube-dl I am glad that it’s back and functional again. Setting up youtube-dl for the first time can be troublesome for new users, but once you get the hang of it, you would not stop, especially with config, the download process becomes easy.

Here is my config, and yes, I am on a Windows machine for now.

-f mp4
-f 137+140/299+140
-o C:/Users/Joel/Downloads/YouTube/%(title)s-%(uploader)s.%(ext)s

Refer Output Template for more details

For those who wanted to get started with youtube-dl, here is a great video to begin.

My process of getting videos offline is simple. Get the link of the video from invidious and paste it into the command prompt. But if I am on my phone, I use Newpipe to watch and download YouTube videos.