Kawaii Ninja

Where I Have Been

It’s been a long time since I wrote a post. A lot has happened during the past few months. Good as well as bad.

But, there is a fresh new start to it. If you have noticed the color scheme of this blog has changed from something dark to aesthetically pleasing pink color.

Now let me share with you the bad things that happened before discussing a few good ones, first of all, I failed my first ever interview. Left a freelancing project, just because of the client.

But, those incidents taught me something that is, I’m not ready to take on challenges. I need to work hard and learn more. I need to grow not just as a person but as a web developer too. But, what I did was totally opposite, I wasted my time and energy by mindlessly scrolling through YouTube and watching movies and TV shows.

On June 1st, I decided to fix my mistakes and get back to work. I started with competitive coding challenges to make sure that I grabbed the basics correctly and gradually move up the ladder so that next time I don’t fail at anything.

Also, I lost my grandfather on May 3rd, not because of covid, let me clear up this first. Even though I was not close to him, but there is this sense that someone is missing from home and you would never see them again.

Now finally to the good stuff. I repurposed an old Dell machine, which I got a few months back to a fully working one using Artix Linux. The memory usage on it is insane, it hardly uses two hundred megabytes out of four gigabytes, and I could do a lot of work productively, compared to my modern machine.

Also read two books and started listening to more of podcasts rather than watching YouTube videos.

I am also working on reducing my screen time, so that I can have enough time to improve my skills.

So, that’s it, everything that has happened for the past two months.

I will try my best to post new content. I’m not sure if I could do that, also I have to complete this 100 days of challenge as well because half of the year is already over.

#100DaysToOffload #Life