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Trying Out $2 Earphones

iPhone With Earphones

Buying Experience

During one of the recent Amazon sales, I saw a pair of earphones from a brand, I had never heard off. The main thing which caught my attention was the price it being selling for, that is $2.6. Coming from my current daily driver, that is a pair of Sony earphones (I don’t remember the model number). I knew it would be cheap and won’t sound good, but I was proved a bit wrong.

Hello, Aiwa

That unknown brand turned up to be Aiwa, an audio focused Japanese brand. When it came to unboxing, the experience felt really good for the price. I also got a carrying pouch, which is a great add-on.

Aiwa ESTM-101

Audio Quality

The earphones come with 10 mm drivers tuned for bass. Which I don’t like, but thanks to equalizers, I can tune it for my personal taste. So far, I have listened to more than 200 songs using this pair and I haven’t felt anything wrong with it’s output.

Overall Experience

Currently, I’m using it as my daily driver. Although, they can’t replace my pair of Sony. For me, Sony is the greatest brand when it comes to audio equipment. But, Aiwa is not far behind when it comes to providing a good audio experience for a cheap price. If I had to, again, get a cheap earphone for daily use, I would definitely look at Aiwa’s product catalog.

This is the Day 21 of 100DaysToOffload challenge (Round Two)