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The Best Christmas Gift Ever


As a kid, I never recieved any Christmas gifts, apart from sweets and chocolates. From an early age I knew that there is no one called Santa Claus, who goes around the world gifting presents to the children. Also, I never believed in miracles, but today something happened that changed my perspective.

Few Months Back

I can’t recall how much time has passed since my cat went missing. My mom and dad searched him throughout the nearby areas, but luck wasn’t helping us in finding him. Eventually everyone assumed that some wild animal had eaten him or he got into some kind of an accident and died.

I never believed that, a part of me was always confronting me that he was alive and safe somewhere. After all it was just a belief and we tried again after some days or maybe weeks (I truly can’t recall), but again failed to find him.

Day Before Christmas

It was 10:30 AM on a chilly Christmas Eve morning. Suddenly, I heard my mom shouting that our cat was back. I went running towards our backyard and there he was, alive, drinking milk. He wasn’t in a good shape, half of his fur on tail was missing, a part of his tail bone was visible. He was dirty, but I don’t care. The only thing which matters to me is that he was alive after so many months. As if God himself sent him back to us, making our this year’s Christmas too special to celebrate.

My Thoughts

After this incident, I think I somewhat believe in miracles. You don’t know when they might take place but another thing which is totally important is that you shouldn’t give up. Who knows something good might happen to you. Also, it’s the best Christmas gift I have ever received in my lifetime. On that, I like to wish everyone a very Happy Merry Christmas.

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