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Pulse Music Player

So this time around, I decided to make an app review and that too of the music player of my choice, that is Pulse music player. So I’ve been using the app for at least more than a month now.

I’m not sure if it’s a fork of Retro music player, the one which was shipped with various custom roms. Because the UI looks similar to it, but this one doesn’t have any internet related features, like downloading the album art and all those kinds of stuff that you get in other music players.

So, I will start off with the themes because that is something I like about this music player. The amount of customization are just on point. You can select from the predefined accent colors and also you get three theme options, but my favorite one is RGB accent color picker. So you can choose your desired accent color and have a look which you prefer.

Then, it’s very minimal, compared to other music players, it’s not bloated. It’s just how a music player should be.

The only problem which I have with the music player is the fact that whenever you play a music and then you just pause it and clear the app from your recents. It doesn’t save the status of that ongoing song, when you start using the app again.

It’s a minor issue but, I will love, if the developer implements that feature. Apart from that nothing major to complain. A very nicely layout and minimal music player for android.

So that’s all for this review. I know it’s a very short one and doesn’t give you in-depth details about the music player. If you want to try out, head over to f-droid to download.

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