Kawaii Ninja

New Domain

Ever since I got into web development, most of my projects rely on free domains for their existence on the internet. Some use the subdomains of Vercel or Netlify, and others use TLDs such as ML and TK. Last year, someone asked me why don’t you purchase domains for your projects, and I couldn’t answer him because, I don’t have any money, instead I told him that they are pet projects and not some kind of startup idea that require extensive branding.

Fast forwarding the clock to April 8, 2022. As usual, I was on my laptop doing some stuff, and then came the moment of realization that my domain (kninja28.ml) has expired and if I want to renew it I had to pay around $10 to $12 to get it back. At this point, I thought, it’s high time that I seriously think about branding and buy a domain for myself.

After going through a lot of TLDs, I selected XYZ, because it’s cheap and looks cool. I went with just kninja.xyz (thank God, it was available) and paid around $14 bucks (I was just lucky to have enough money to buy it). My only concern was how to enable subdomains so that my projects could utilize my new domain and basically saving a lot of money in progress.

Cloudflare comes to rescue, with its DNS capabilities I could configure the subdomains easily and within no time my projects were up and running with a new domain.

It was a different experience, I never knew how to configure subdomains, so learned something new along the process of my domain purchase. And, if anyone is using RSS of this site, please update the URL so that you continue to receiving the new updates.

This is the Day 18 of 100DaysToOffload challenge (Round Two)