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My Flip Cover Experience: A Month-Long Journey

In December 2023, I bought a flip cover for my phone. It’s made of fake brown leather. People might think it’s weird that a 23-year-old like me would want to use a case that’s usually for older people.

I got my first smartphone in September 2013, and I got a cheap flip cover for free. Since then, I’ve used cases on and off. But this time, I wanted to try a flip cover again and see if it’s still good 10 years later.

Using a flip cover has some good points. First, it saves money. If you take care of your phone like me, a flip cover can save you from buying a screen protector because it does the same job.

Another good thing about flip covers is that they make it easier to watch videos on your phone. I’ve enjoyed watching a lot of content, and now it’s much easier than before when I had to hold my device.

You can also use your flip cover to store business cards. Just don’t keep cash in it, that’s my advice.

The best thing about flip covers is that they help you stay focused. Turn on “Do Not Disturb” mode, close the cover, and you’re all set. You won’t get distracted while working or doing something important.

I’m happy with my purchase, and it’s been a month now. I don’t think I’ll go back to using a regular case.

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