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Monet Engine For Linux

Ever since Android 12 was released. People were hyping, the monet engine which creates color scheme from your wallpapers and then applies it to the system, which makes the whole UI feel different on every wallpaper change.

On the Linux side though, you don’t have many choices, but there is a program called pywal, which does exactly the same thing. It creates a color scheme based on the colors from your wallpaper and then it applies it to the various elements of your system and also to some applications which are installed on you system.

I’ve been using pywal for more than two weeks now, and I have faced no issues. I’m really enjoying the look and feel which it creates for me by default. I always wanted something like this for Linux, but I was never aware of the fact that there was an application which was already programmed for doing this.

So yeah, if you have never tried pywal before go and check it out. It’s a really nice program to rice your desktop.

This is the Day 8 of 100DaysToOffload challenge (Round Two)

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