Kawaii Ninja

Migrating To Netlify

Why I Switched

For the past few months, I was happy with GitHub pages for hosting my blog. Few days back, I watched this video by Nathan Paul, on how to create a simple website. I have been following him for some time now and I wanted a similar redirect functionality, which he has on his website.

So, I started to look around on how I can achieve same thing in Hugo. While going through the documentation of Hugo, I came across syntax for the Netlify configuration file, to my surprise it was the same thing which I had been looking for my blog.

The Struggle

At first, the process of switching to Netlify was simple. I got my site up and running with a sub-domain of Netlify and then this weird idea came to my mind why not get a custom domain, so I got a free domain, which I would be replacing with a paid one in the future.

So, I configured Netlify DNS to my domain and boom now I have custom domain. But, there was a huge problem waiting for me RSS and Redirect. I suddenly remembered that I have RSS feed and if I changed my domain, the old feed link wouldn’t work (So, if anyone has the old link please switch to the new one). Then, I had to tackle the problem of redirecting GitHub pages to Netlify. After looking up for some time, I came across this guide that helped me and then I had a working redirect on my GitHub pages.

What’s New

Now, I can access my GitHub profile with just appending /git to the domain same thing applies to Mastodon (/mastodon), Odysee (/videos) and Pixelfed (/photos). Also, I have added archive page to the blog.

Wrapping Up

There you go, my process of switching to Netlify while messing up my RSS feed and a few things, just to get a single redirect feature.