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Installing Custom Rom After Long Time

Today, I wanted to try out Android 12 based custom ROM on my Redmi Note 7 (lavender). The last time I did it was back in September of 2021. The custom ROM which I decide to use is Project Arcana. The journey was not smooth, I had faced a lot of problems or you can say that I was lazy to read the instructions before hand. The first problem was error 1, which is caused due to un-updated firmware of the phone, fixing it was easy by downloading a 70 MB zip file. Hold on, it’s not getting flashed for some reason, help!. This time it was the recovery, which was not updated to flash the android 12 stuff.

After updating the recovery, the firmware file got flashed successfully. The ROM file however never managed to do, it always showed some kind of a zip error. I couldn’t find anything helpful via forum and telegram group, so I downloaded the lineage OS. Lineage OS didn’t had such issue and the flashing process was smooth. The ROM booted up fine, so I was end up with android 11 instead of the android 12.

I decided to re-download the android 12 ROM file. The downloading process took around 10 odd minutes to finish. I then copied the ROM file to my phone and then tried flashing it. This time there was no error. Finally, I could see the boot-animation, and after setting up the device there were no problems. So, this was my today’s experience of installing custom ROM after so many months.

This is the Day 5 of 100DaysToOffload challenge (Round Two)

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