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Improve The Audio Quality on Android Devices

After switching to a new phone, I felt that the sound output via the headphone jack wasn’t great enough, thanks to the years of usage of sound mods such as Dolby Atmos and Viper4android.

Using a non-rooted phone as a daily driver meant that I had to wait for some time, till the developers figure out the device tree and kernel stuff so that custom rom are pumping out. In the mean time, I started looking for some kind of an equalizer which works for non-rooted devices.

I then saw a review video of a wireless earbuds. In the comment section of that video, the reviewer suggested an equalizer app to someone, which caught my attention. I lookup for the application known as RE Equalizer, a 10-Band Audio Equalizer.

The UI feels a bit outdated, but the size of the application makes up for it (182 KB). Although the application is a paid one, the money spent on it is worth the time and effort.

If anyone is looking to improve their earphones or headphones audio quality, unless your phone comes pre-equipped with Dolby or some kind of an audio equalizer, then this application is worth checking out.

This is the Day 6 of 100DaysToOffload challenge (Round Two)

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