Kawaii Ninja

Improve as a Writer

The definition of writing can be different for many. For me, it’s putting my ideas and thoughts on a sheet of paper. I spend most of my time in front of digital screens, that’s why the sheet of paper interchanged with a blank document. Ever since I came across the 100 days of offload challenge, I wanted to test myself as a writer. I don’t aim to be an author. It’s just that I want to get better at expressing myself.

I tried blogging previously but, I failed at it, not because of a lack of ideas. I feared what people might think of my posts. In December 2020, I decided to reinstate my blogging journey with a fresh coat of new ideas. This very blog was born out of those unsuccessful ones.

Ever since I started my 100 days challenge, I learned something new every day. I am noticing the difference in my writing style. I adapted forward my old notes from books and blog posts into my very own blog posts. So, don’t think of yourself as someone who can’t do anything in life. We all start somewhere with small and humble beginnings.