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Happy Feast

On 5th August of every year, my village celebrates it’s biggest and most important feast called ‘Konnsachem Fest’, also known as feast of Our Lady of Snows.

The feast symbolises the act of seeking the blessings from the almighty for a bountiful harvest season. The paddy field is first blessed by saying a prayer and sprinkling of holy water and then by using silver sickle the first corn is cut, and it’s first sheaves are taken to the church with a procession to devote it to the almighty. The devotees then collected the blessed sheaves of paddy and take them home to place it on their altar. (This part is taken from older blogs)

As a child, I remember having celebration at home with family members and friends but that thing has changed due to current world wide changes. Now, I either message or call my friends to convey my wishes to them. Ever since pandemic took place, no one has celebrated the feast with proper celebration and enthusiasm. Heck, I have not even attended the feast mass in last 4 years (first two years to due to exams and college).

I just pray that everything gets back on track just like before.

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