Kawaii Ninja

Habits are Learned

Whenever I hear the term habits the first thought which comes to y mind is 21 Days, since it is know that a habit takes around 21 days to be formed or broken. Over the course of time I have read serveral books and blog post about the same but there are some core principles to be implemented in life to form habits.

A habit is formed from the repeated actions and the results behind is the formation of the reward. Our mind thinks that whenever we perform certain task we wil get that particular reward. Instant gratification works similarly. This also involves release of dopamine in our system.

Habits are developed using:

  1. Cue -> Identifies the reward
  2. Carving -> Triggers to get the reward
  3. Response -> Working out towards the reward
  4. Reward -> Satisfaction

Habits can be good or bad but it is upto us to decide which of our habits we want in our daily lives. To break a habit just get rid of the source. For example, for social media just hide the apps or uninstall them. The main idea is to cut the source which triggers our brain to perform that particular habit.

So it’s important to choose our habits wisely.