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Enable 1080p Video Stream In Kodi YouTube Addon

Today, I decided to install Kodi on my Linux system, to watch YouTube and other local media. Initially, I thought that I had to only install YouTube add-on, but I was wrong. So, in today’s post, yet again, I’m going to share a guide on how to get YouTube setup and running at 1080p or better on Kodi.


If you wish to log in into YouTube then read this guide as I’m not going to show that over here


  1. Download and install kodi-inputstream-adaptive using your package manager
  2. Open YouTube add-on settings and head over to MPEG-DASH setting
  3. Enable MPEG-DASH, then click on Configure InputStream and set the Min.Bandwidth to, 20000000 (if you want something else then go ahead and do that)
  4. Go back and enable use for videos and set your desired quality

Bonus Content:

This is the Day 12 of 100DaysToOffload challenge (Round Two)

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