Kawaii Ninja

Eleventy My New Love

I have been a fan of static site generators for a while. I have used Hugo, Jekyll, and even Gatsby. But, at last, I decided to settle on Hugo for my blog. Recently, I discovered this new kid on the block called Eleventy.

When I discovered Eleventy, I wanted to try it, so I looked up its documentation but couldn’t understand my way around it. Ultimately I decided to lookup on YouTube for tutorials to get started (I am a visual learner). I went with Jason Lengstorf video with Eleventy creator Zach Leatherman. The video explained most of the concepts, and then I could start my journey with Eleventy.

At first, I recreated my blog alongside Simple CSS that gave the site a minimal look, and also, there is an RSS plugin for Eleventy. Lastly, I could navigate through the documentation to know more about Eleventy. I ended up not using the recreated blog since I was happy with my current setup but, at least it gives me relief that in the future, I could build a blog from the ground up with the help of Eleventy and any CSS framework.


The journey doesn’t stop here. The next day I sat down to create my portfolio page so, I used Eleventy and UIkit. The final output was just as how I thought about it.


If you want to find a static site generator that can fulfill your needs, then have a look at StaticGen. I have not covered every bit of Eleventy and, what makes it different from others to know more about that, read the introductory post by Zach Leatherman.