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Downgraded My Phone

It all started when my Dad’s phone, started giving up on him during his calls, at first, I diagnosed the issue as network related, but it ended up being related to battery and it’s connection to motherboard. After researching on the web, we came to know that it’s a common issue with that model.

My Dad asked a repair shop for a battery replacement, but they told that there is no genuine battery instead they will put a third party one, whose warranty is of just 2-3 weeks.

Wasting $10 on something which God knows will work or not, I decided to do something. Prior to this I couldn’t gift or wish my Dad on Father’s Day, so I thought it would be a good opportunity to become a good son. I gave my phone, which is Poco F1 to my Dad, at least his problem was solved and he got a much better phone.

Now coming to the second half of the story, I was left with my old daily driver Mido (Redmi Note 4X). I purchased that phone in September of 2017, so it’s about 4 years old at this point of time, with it’s battery health being reduced by 50% or even more.

I clean flashed the phone with MSM Xtended custom ROM. Once again I got the opportunity to rock a degoogle phone after a long time, since previously, I had Google Play Services installed due to the banking apps.

With this whole episode, I am hoping to reduce my screen time on my phone and talking about the future upgrade, I can forget that since, I am not sure if I could get something better this year.

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