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Create A Gemini Capsule

For the past few days, the term Gemini has been trending on the internet.

The Gemini protocol is an application layer protocol for distributed hypertext information systems that provides access to simple, primarily textual documents in Gemini space. This is done with contemporary technologies such as TLS, thereby improving privacy and user agency relative to the Web. (Taken from Wikipedia)

The very first question that arrived at me while exploring Gemini was how I set up a mirrored version of this very blog and, then I came across gemlog. It provides an easy way to keep a gemlog (journal) over the Gemini protocol. For creating an account you don’t require any identifying information. Pick a username of your choice with a strong password.

In order to access your newly created gemlog you need a Gemini client. The one which I use is Lagrange a GUI client with cross-platform support.

My Gemini Capsule (All of my posts will be available over here)