Kawaii Ninja

Controller Doesn't Matter

I’ve been watching a lot of console reviews, basically, the ones which are made for retro emulation and also, the original classics such as PSP and Game Boy.

The thing, which I don’t get right now is, the fact that the reviewers are generally talking about the buttons and basically the controller of any given console. If you give me any controller, I wouldn’t mind it. Maybe there are people out there, who knows a lot better than me about the controller stuff. But for me, it all about the gameplay and whether or not I enjoy it. If a piece of media is made, and if I’m consuming it, and I don’t enjoy that, then what’s the point in buying and having that in the first place?

Maybe as I grow older or get more accustomed to the older generations of consoles, or even try to get experience of the newer stuff. I might change my thoughts about this kind of stuff. Truly speaking, I wanted to get my hands on the Game Boy or maybe a PSP, but I’m not sure where to get those in the first place because the place where I live, they might not even sell those.

If I ever get one, you will be notified by a new post saying such as, “I got my hands on PSP or maybe Game Boy Advance or something”.

To sum it all up, I’m just curious about handheld consoles. Our phones are well capable of emulating the stuff, which we see. I mean, you can play any older generation of titles on your phone. But handheld devices have that different vibe to them.

This is the Day 10 of 100DaysToOffload challenge (Round Two)