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Connect Mi Band 5/6 With Gadgetbridge Without PC

Xiaomi or Mi has made the pairing process with Gadgetbridge a bit complicated with the introduction of the auth key. In this blog post, I will cover how I connected my Mi Band 5 to Gadgetbridge without the help of a PC.


  1. Do not unpair the band from MiFit app
  2. Uninstall MiFit App


  1. Download huafetcher apk from from it’s release page, and then install it on your phone and then manually give it permission for storage
  2. Open huafetcher and choose Amazfit as login method and then fill in your email and password and then click on Fetch Key


  1. If everything went well, the app will provide you the auth key


  1. Now, open the Gadgetbridge and then tap on + sign to add your band
  2. Allow the neccessary permissions
  3. Long Press on your band name, scroll down and then tap on auth key section to add your newly found key
  4. Go back and then tap on the band name to connect
  5. If everything went well, you will see your band on the Gadgetbridge homescreen

This guide is a compilation from Gadgetbridge’s wiki and huafetcher. A huge thanks to the developers of both the applications for providing a foss alternative.

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