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cmus Music Player

I don’t usually listen to music on my PC/laptop, but last week I decided to load a ton of lofi tracks in my music directory. Now, when it came to playing those music files I had to use MPV, which works but I wanted something dedicated to music.

After trying a lot of music players available in Pop OS store, I couldn’t find a one which suits to my needs. I needed something minimal, fast and lightweight.

After wasting few hours in this process, a thought came to my mind that there are a lot of programs, which use the terminal to run, such as file manager, image viewer and even web browser, so there could a music player also, then I began my search to find one. Just after the first search, I came across cmus, a small, fast and powerful console music player.

cmus, was the one I was looking for my music needs. After reading the man page of cmus, within no time I was able to get the hang of key bindings. If you have been reading my previous posts, then you might know that recently I installed cli-visualizer. Pairing the visualizer with cmus, it ultimately became a game changing experience for me. Switching between the terminal tabs using Alt+tab_no became a priority.

I was in love, not only with programs but also with lofi tracks which I had got. Here is a short demo video of the same.

#100DaysToOffload #Linux