Kawaii Ninja

Another Life Update

It’s been more than a month, since I posted anything new on this blog. I have been neglecting my work and I was deep into the rabbit hole of YouTube. As someone who doesn’t love to stay idle, I was becoming into one who loves being idle and lazy.

Some things have changed for sure, beginning with my laptop. I switched from Pop OS to Windows 10, why do you ask, well I just wanted to play this one single game, called Forza Horizon 4. I enjoy cars and content around them a lot more than computers or tech. So, ultimately when the time came to treat myself with this game, I decided to go ahead with the most evil operating system on the earth.

Well, if you search for the game on the ProtonDB, you will get to know that it has the sliver badge, which means that you can play the game with little bit of work. But, my luck was not that great, the game runs only on AMD GPUS for time being, so I was left with two options, one to wait for some patches to be released or switch the sides.

That’s was all about my computing stuff, now let’s switch to my phone, I am still using my Redmi Note 4 after switching from Poco F1. My experience of using an old phone so far is that, the viewing experience has become normal, what I mean by that is, the content is 16:9 and not something stretched in to fill the screen. I came to appreciate the old designs of smartphones, which were easy to hold, and not a glass slab which carried the risk of breaking any time, when your phone decides to take a dip on the floor.

In a nutshell, that’s my life over the course of one month, fighting with my inner self to stick to my commitments. I have a lot to tackle in life, compared to others and to make way towards a better future for myself. Hope to see you guys soon with new stuff, if I get time and opportunity.

#100DaysToOffload #Life