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Alternatives To Vanced

By now, most of you would know what has happened to the most popular YouTube mod app called Vanced. I was using the application few weeks back before switching to my fork of Newpipe. In today’s post, I will share with you, my best picks as a replacement for Vanced.

Newpipe / Newpipe X SponsorBlock

I will call this app as the best YouTube client for Android, not because it provides download functionality. To me, the minimal and distraction free layout of the app has helped to cut down on the use of YouTube. There are two choices for anyone, either use the regular application or go with the fork with SponsorBlock support. The overall experience at the start might be a problem fior some people, but once you import your subscriptions, then it’s a smooth ride watching YouTube videos without any need for an account.

Newpipe: GitHub

NewPipe x SponsorBlock: GitHub

Iceraven With Extensions

Iceraven a fork of Firefox with extension support. Using this browser, alongside UBlock and SponsorBlock, will provide a somewhat similar experience to Vanced. The only downside to this approach is the missing of gesture support for brightness and volume.

Iceraven: GitHub


This new WIP android app uses Piped, as its video backend, which I feel is way better than Invidious. As of now, some features are missing from the app, but with time it should be as rich as Newpipe in terms of functionality and usability.

LibreTube: GitHub

Those were my picks for watching YouTube videos through your android devices and a massive thanks to Vanced Team, for providing a better YouTube viewing experience

This is the Day 16 of 100DaysToOffload challenge (Round Two).

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