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A Shop For Killers: A K-Drama Review

Yesterday, I finished watching a Korean drama called “A Shop For Killers.” It’s the first time I’m talking about Korean dramas on my blog, so I might not review it properly.

I wanted to watch this drama because one of my favorite actors, Lee Dong Wook, is in it. Here’s a summary from Wikipedia: The story is about a woman named Jeong Ji-an, who becomes a target for skilled killers because of something her uncle left behind when he died. She tries to figure out what’s going on by remembering what her uncle taught her when she was younger.

The drama has 8 episodes, each about 60 minutes long. Each episode shows the stories of the main characters and how some villains try to take over Ji-an’s uncle’s business. The episodes move quickly, and the actors all do a good job.

In episode 5, there’s a cool detail for Steam Deck fans: they use a robot dog controlled with a Steam Deck. It’s interesting to see Valve’s Steam Deck featured in a Korean drama, especially for Linux hardware enthusiasts.

At the end of the last episode, something happens that makes viewers wonder and raises some questions. This hints that there could be another season coming.

Overall, it’s a great action-packed drama to watch. Most Korean dramas are usually 16 episodes long, but this one only has 8 because it’s only available for streaming. You can watch it on Disney Plus and Hulu if you’re interested.

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